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Holistic health and fitness coaching for PROFESSIONALS who want to LOOK, FEEL AND PERFORM AT THEIR BEST

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Say farewell to restrictive diets or unsustainable habits that have had you yo-yo-ing with your weight and energy over the years, and welcome a life where optimal health, a strong lean body, and unwavering confidence become your new norm.

Hi, I’m Ed Griffiths, Founder of The Lean Tribe Academy. My personal journey through overcoming chronic fatigue and depression unveiled the profound impact of holistic wellness and personal growth. Since then, I’ve made it my mission to help others thrive. As your dedicated wellness and fitness ally, I specialise in elevating entrepreneurs and professionals like you to their pinnacle of physical and mental well-being. Together, let’s navigate towards a life enriched with growth, fulfillment, and true alignment with our values and aspirations.

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How does our coaching work?

Tailored Holistic Strategy: Our approach is rooted in customisation and sustainability. We look at our client’s lifestyles as a whole and build a plan around them. With tailored training plans suited to your goals and lifestyle, we can help you achieve remarkable results. Our nutrition coaching focuses on customised meal plans, macro guidance, and developing nutritional awareness, ensuring your preferences are met while promoting health and balance.

Routine and Habit Alignment: We understand the importance of routine and habit alignment. By helping you create more alignment, consistency, joy, and balance in your life, we ensure that positive lifestyle shifts work for you, not against you.

Sleep, Stress Management and Self Care: Rest, recovery, and self-care are essential for long-term success. Our coaching will guide you to optimise your sleep, manage stress effectively, and develop self-care rituals. You’ll receive your very own Oura Ring so we can work closely with you to achieve optimal results. By embodying the energy of a high achiever in a sustainable way, you’ll excel in your relationships, family life, business endeavours, and fitness goals.

Mindset and Performance Coaching: Our holistic approach extends beyond the physical. We provide mindset and performance coaching to help you step into your power, claim your confidence, and cultivate a winning identity. By taking control of your inner dialogue, overcoming self-limiting beliefs, fostering self-love, and adopting an abundance mindset, you’ll take inspired action and transform your trajectory.

Accountability and Support: Accountability and support are key ingredients in our coaching programs. We offer messaging support when you need it most, ensuring you stay on track and motivated. Additionally, coaching calls provide the perfect platform for growth and transformation.

Community and Guidance: Join our thriving community of like-minded plant-based professionals in our private Facebook group. Gain access to exclusive live trainings, additional resources, and celebrate your wins as you uplift and inspire each other.

At The Lean Tribe Academy, we're passionate about helping professionals like you unlock your full potential. Reclaim your health, build a strong lean body, and create a life of abundance and impact. Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey?

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Application Process

You Apply to the LTA

Please complete a brief application to determine if you’re an ideal candidate for The Lean Tribe Academy. Our coaching program is not suited for everyone, as it demands a significant level of commitment and an unwavering desire to succeed. We carefully handpick individuals who meet our criteria and are poised to flourish within the LTA community.

We have a 1:1 Strategy Call

During our consultation, we will engage in a comprehensive discussion about your current circumstances, your desired destination, and the strategies we can employ to help you reach your goals. This in-depth conversation will provide us with valuable insights to create a tailored plan that aligns with your aspirations.

We'll see if you're a good fit

During our call, I aim to understand your unique personality and motivations behind embarking on this transformative journey. By getting to know you better, I can assess whether you are a perfect fit for The Lean Tribe Academy. If I believe you are a 10/10 match and confident in my ability to support you, I will extend a personalised invitation for you to join our exclusive coaching program.

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