Let's make your business a success.

Vegan Business Impact is for vegan business owners and entrepreneurs who want more abundance, success and freedom in what they are creating. If you're just starting your business or you're at a point where you want to scale and grow, my coaching will help set you up with the certainty and strategy you need to take your success to the next level. I work with self employed individuals, coaches and small enterprises in any field.

Do you feel stuck where you are in business, or you’re slowly creating results, but you want to speed up your progress?

Are you done getting average results when you know you’re meant to live an extraordinary life and create more of an impact?

Do you feel overwhelmed or uncertain and it makes business feel ‘hard’ and exhausting?

Do you lack the structure or focus or you self-sabotage out of fear so the results you get are non-existent or inconsistent?

Do you want to create a life of limitless abundance – health, wealth, love, joy, pleasure, freedom, positive impact?

Do you want to level up your mindset, energy and confidence so you’re magnetic to you ideal clients and money?

Have you put off doing the inner mindset work for too long, or you’ve been doing the workshops, reading all the books or listening to the podcasts but not getting the results you want?

Would you like to get the results in your business that you desire with ease and WITHOUT the stress or burn out?

You can't achieve the results you want in business and in life until you create a strong growth mindset, clear the blocks holding you back and turn up with the energy you're looking to attract.

My 1:1 business coaching is for you if:

• You want to release and clear your limiting beliefs, blocks and self-sabotaging behaviour holding you back from making progress in your business or career

• You want to manifest and attract your ideal clients who you're excited to serve

• You want to set yourself up mentally to receive limitless abundance – money, impact, freedom, success, fun etc

• You want to create certainty in your business so you can run your business, not your business run you

• You want to learn and implement systems to make your business run smoothly as well as introducing creativity and innovation into your business

• You want to massively level up your clarity and increase momentum towards your desired destination so you reach it sooner rather than later. You're ready to take action NOW

• You want to 10x your confidence and feel the passion as your business moves forward

• You want the support, love and accountability to thrive in business and life. You know that you can be strong and independent AND receive help because the most successful people do

• You want to have a positive impact on the world by stepping into the most authentic version of yourself and allowing this to flow through your business

• You want to be a magnet for money so you can gift yourself and loved ones, donate to causes you love, travel and have experiences that light you up

• You're willing to invest in yourself and your goals because you know you're worth it and when you invest time, money and energy, it fast forwards your manifestations

Vegan Business Impact Overview

  • 3-6 months of intensive 1:1 coaching with 3 x 1:1 sessions per month all personalised to you, your needs and goals
  • Recordings of our sessions to keep for LIFE
  • Notes and action steps to take between sessions aligned with your specific goals
  • 1:1 text/voice message Whatsapp support between Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm (extremely valuable to help coach you when you need it most)
  • Powerful reprogramming tracks and meditations to positively rewire your brain for success
  • Growth mindset work, inner healing work, self limiting belief work, energy work (+ other modalities) based on your needs
  • The full Lean Tribe Academy experience to create the strong mental and physical foundation you need to succeed
  • Massive love, support and accountability

Spaces are limited, so if this experience is what you've been looking for, apply below now!

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