Are you ready to change your life?

The Lean Tribe Academy is for ambitious vegans like you who are ready to take action and become your best self by transforming your body and mindset. If you want to skyrocket your confidence, be able to wear the clothes you love, increase your energy levels, be fit, strong & healthy  - you've come to the right place. My coaching academy will help you build a strong and lean body by burning fat and building muscle, re-align your eating & training habits and level up your mindset, health and energy  to help you live up to your fullest potential with longevity  & success in mind.

Do you feel stuck when it comes to your body and mindset? You really want results, but something always gets in your way when you start to make progress?

Are you tired of trying everything you see online, hoping the results will come, but they never do, or they're unsustainable?

Do you feel like you're lacking a solid and easy to grasp strategy that WILL help you lose fat, build muscle and gain more strength in a sustainable way?

Do you end up self-sabotaging your progress by going back to old negative habits like binging, eating convenient foods, putting yourself down, feeling guilty, feeling worthless and lacking consistency?

Do you want to create a life of limitless abundance in wellness – health, confidence, joy, pleasure, fitness, positive growth mindset?

Do you want to level up your mindset, energy and confidence so the other important areas of your life improve too, like your relationships?

Do you want to fit into your favourite clothes and feel confident and sexy in them without the self conscious energy?

Would you like to get the results in your fitness journey that you desire with ease and WITHOUT the stress or frustration?

The Lean Tribe Academy is for you if:

• You want to release and clear your limiting beliefs, blocks and self-sabotaging behaviour holding you back from making progress in your fitness journey

• You want to follow a science proven strategy that will help you shred fat, build muscle and achieve a strong lean physique

• You want to set yourself up mentally to turn up consistently and take more aligned action in your life

• You want to build unshakeable confidence within yourself so you can show up as the strong, authentic version of yourself

• You want to be able to feel amazing in your favourite clothes and feel even better out of them

• You want to massively level up your clarity around your goals and lifestyle you want to live so you reach it sooner rather than later. You're ready to take action NOW

• You want the support, love and accountability to thrive. You know that you can be strong and independent AND receive help because the most successful people do

• You want to have more energy and a bigger impact on those around you

• You're willing to invest in yourself and your goals because you know you're worth it and when you invest time, money and energy, it fast forwards your achievements and manifestations

What makes us a tribe?

We're a community for the plant based warriors, the vegan champions and the up and coming herbivores of this world, who want to grow and enjoy life. The academy I run is heavily based around community. All students get access to a private FB group where they celebrate their wins with each other, strive for growth, get involved in fun competitions and access tons of valuable trainings and content. The community feel not only brings fun to someones transformation journey, but it also brings extra accountability. When you're surrounded by likeminded vegans who want to thrive, you make sure you turn up for yourself on a daily basis.

How does the Lean Tribe Academy work?

1) Application

You'll need to fill out a short application to see if you're an amazing fit for the Lean Tribe Academy.

2) Application Call

After applying we will have an in depth consultation & application call to make sure you're a 10/10 fit for the academy and also to make sure it's the right fit for you.

3) Program Creation

If you are accepted into the Academy, your bespoke program will be tailored for you over the next 10 working days, a lot of time goes into this to make sure it's the best program possible. Your macronutrient and calorie requirements will be set up, your meal plan and workouts will be created and you'll be sent everything you need to hit the ground running when you start!

4) Transformation Period

Time to get underway. You'll have received your program and had your on-boarding call. Depending on the coaching you opted in for, we'll be in regular contact through coaching calls and constant support. During your transformation period you'll be taking a lot of action and making significant changes to your lifestyle to make a huge impact in your life.

5) You're a Whole New Person!

You've transformed your health, your body and your mindset. You're a fully fledged tribe graduate! Now you'll be able to put into practice everything you have learnt to maintain your incredible transformation, or if you want to progress even further we will move onto a longer term program together.



The Lean Tribe Academy Overview

  • Options for 3 month, 6 month or 1 year coaching
  • For high achievers who are serious about their body, mindset, health, business / career.
  • We coach those who are currently vegan or wanting to transition into a plant based diet
  • Coaching calls that will help you build knowledge and hold you accountable
  • Mindset coaching to help you manage whatever life throws at you in a strong and empowered way
  • Tailored Training Program (catering for gym, home, outdoor and travel workouts)
  • Exercise Form Video Analysis (correcting and resetting body mobility issues)
  • Ideal Calorie and Macronutrient Calculations (structured approach for you to achieve your goals)
  • Individual Meal Plans (in line with calorie and macro calculations keeping you on the right track)
  • Online Support via Messaging  (whenever you need it, on top of the coaching calls)
  • Tribe members only Facebook Community Group (Added resources and live trainings)

Spaces are limited, so if this tribe is what you've been looking for, apply below now!

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